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How many bats......................

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..............can you find sleeping behind one shutter ?

Found this lot (21) when I went to partially close one pair of shutters to keep the sun out of the house.

I've found them here before but only in twos or threes, always the same shutter of the same pair too.

Tucked them away somewhere dark for the day.


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That's a lot! We've got bats behind one bedroom shutter - you can tell from their droppings - but haven't closed it yet.

I like to sit outside at dusk and see them swooping about - catching flies? But so far this year haven't seen any.

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I've got a bat nursery in the verandah roof just outside the patio door so every morning is a pile of bat poo ..... it runs the whole length along the wall. I used to complain as it's messy and, even when swept, I turn round and there's more. But now I think that each bat poo is probably equivalent to four or five chomped mosquitoes or flies, and I don't care as much.
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