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The swifts flew off.....

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so goodbye little Squeaka.

One of life's nicer moments is watching the adult swifts encouraging the babies to come out of the nest. This morning they were there, encouraging, niggling, begging the young to leave, and one at a time they flew straight off, following the parents.

The largest of the chicks had developed quite a chatty relationship with me as I deadheaded the geraniums so we chatted away; judging by the responses to my noises, he did seem to understand. And th adults quite happily fed them over my head - well almost.

Normally they immediately try and start another clutch so I hope we shall have more happy moments.

Safe travels to wherever you go young Squawker.
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Oh aren't you the lucky one to have swifts around - you're obviously enjoying their company.

Saddish time of the year from mid-September onwards when we also lose the swallows and the house martins.   Love the way they swoop around the house and skim over the swim pool during the summer months.   Very sad when I see them gather in the large flocks.   Have had very large flocks sitting on the phone lines stretching over at least seven or eight posts up our lane one year - all twittering away - and then suddenly - gone.   I could have cried - end of summer......


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