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Bird feeding

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[quote user="woolybanana"]Just out of interest, when do you stop feeding the birds?[/quote]

We don't stop, graines de tournesol and boules de graisse. Ensures an annual attendance of the bird population.

[quote user="woolybanana"]

There is still ample attendance at my bird table but would like to ease it down as am running out of sunflower seeds.[/quote]

I'd suggest you buy some more.

[quote user="woolybanana"] Thanks guys.[/quote]

Your welcome.

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Traditionally you stop feeding birds at Easter.

Given that this can vary by 28 days and on top of that the weather can mean that plants are starting into full leaf and a surfeit of insects will be around, or plants can be barely in bud with hardly an insect in sight, this system of controlling the feed is a pretty silly way to go about things.

Like Cajal we also feed for most of the year. I say most since in the height of summer we see a major drop off in use of the feeders as live food becomes plentiful.

Stopping at any time in early spring strikes me as a rather cruel thing to do, cutting of a reliable food supply at a time when natural sources will be limited and when the first hatch will be well on its way.
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I'm with Cajal, we don't stop, we enjoy the activity and mix around the feeders all year. We vary the food by adding fat balls when its cold, but apart from that its tournesol hearts all year.

We had a Hawfinch this morning! First we've ever seen. Huge thing in comparison to the finches, tits and sparrows. Brill.
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e RSPB recommend feeding all year. That way they can feed the young easily and the fledglings can develop and by that time it's time to start on the late year feed again. We will be doing that.

I am thinking of updating a song too. It used to  read "Feed the birds tuppence a bag". These daze it will read "Feed the birds 2 quid a bag" [:-))]

But they are well worth it!!

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