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We always knew that we had a few behind some of the shutters - maybe 2 or 3.

The family has been down for the last two weeks and 5yo grandson is fascinated by them - it has been a dusk ‘bat patrol’ in order to see them emerge to feed.

Anyway, we now realise that there’s another half dozen of them parked up under the eaves at the front of the house. That explains the ‘droppings’ that have been around for a month or two ! Derrrr !

What a life eh ? 23 hours of sleep and you then emerge to feed, then back to sleep.

A bit like Mrs G !!!

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I have them, and some long eared bats, in my loft, the 'sous-sol' and one or two in a car port! The loft I have to clear out every year as the amount of droppings is incredible. Face mask to avoid the dust is a must!!! No problem in the 'sous-sol' as it is quite 'rough' anyway. The car port also isn't a problem as it washes out but the car does have to be covered!!!!

Sometimes I go into the loft with a camera. To see them hanging there with babies clinging to their chests close up is quite incredible. I inherited them with the house 22 years ago and they are very much part of my life here. They do great job of course of keeping down the mozzies though I would prefer they left some other insects alone!!! It is rare to have one in the house (other than the loft where there is a window left open for them!!) Wouldn't be without them!

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