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Going rate for French Lessons?


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If the teacher is qualified and experienced, a certain amount of his/her time will be spent on preparation to ensure the lesson is tailor-made to your requirements (that is the true benefit of one-to-one teaching).  Therefore 35 euros is not too much, but you have to decide what it is worth to you.

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Yes, like you I am shocked at that price.  As a teacher working privately giving both English and French lessons, but in a very rural area, I would have no work at all if I charged €35 a hour!!

I charge only €15, and I travel to the student's house!!

I have heard of telephone lessons where that price might be acceptable, taking into consideration the cost of an hour's phone call costs.

Feel free to send me a PM if you would like lessons!!


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Not sure how helpful this will be as we are having lessons in the UK -

we are in the process of buying a house in St Pantaly d'Ans, near to

Hautefort.  We pay £20 for an hour tuition - at our tutor's

home.  We think it has been worth every penny and have learned so

much more than we would ever have done in a class of students. 

Our teacher is very thorough and methodical and, having spent part of

his childhood in France (and worked there in later years), is very

helpful in including little anecdotes, colloquial expressions, customs

and etiquette etc in the lesson.  We still have long way to go but

can see our improvement each time we visit France (which is very

regularly atm LOL).


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[quote user="gwenn"]I was wondering what's the going rate for French Lessons. I was quoted 35 Euros per hour for one-to-one lessons at the Teachers' house - that seems a lot? or is it?

Thanks :)[/quote]

I suppose that I may be overly cheap, but I charge 15€ per lesson at my house.  I do both English and French conversation (weird, I know, but my students seem pleased). My thought was that most of the people in our area don't have a lot of money, and if I charged more, they wouldn't be able to pay.


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Thanks for all the replies and info. :)

Patricia - thanks for the offer of lessons but I'm too far from you.

I'm self-employed so I don't think I'm eligible for free lessons with GRETA. Also, as I have limited time available if I do have any lessons I need to find someone who can fit in with me.

Hastobe - thanks for the info. we also had some lessons before we left the UK and similarly ours were around 20 GBP for an hour at our home.

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I take lessons twice weekly through my local AFIDEL.  It costs €70 per month for two 3 hour sessions.  There are a mixture of nationalities and even some native French speakers who ar referred to improve their written skills.  There are others who have had referrals from APNE and they get it free but I think this is no longer available in my area.  It is great fun.  The mixture of nationalities means wee are pretty much forced to speak French to each other. 
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