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French lessons Hesdin


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[quote user="sueyh"]

Any information on the french lessons in the cafe in Hesdin would be greatly appreciately.

Many thanks





As and when you are next there, walking pass the said café, why don't you walk in and ask... Unless we look up Hesdin on the map or someone on this forum lives there, as we are so far flung from each other, not many of us can help you about this little problem... I call this the immersion method...

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This was posted  by Tillergirl in  North Western France section 12.04.06 under Cinemas, where are they?

The class is run by the french patron of the Café a reasonable price of 10 euros 50cents. Includes a drink.

I went into the beginners group even though i have dome knowledge of French because since arriving here last August have used very little and lost confidence and so wanted to cement the basics.

Pascal the teacher does run a more advanced group i think that is on Wednesdays.

Anyway relitivly small group there were there were 7 of us as my husband couldn't be there being in London.

We read passages to work on pronunciation then translated. Next came the fun bit Dictation.  He didi tell us what sound base we where to look for in the phases we where to write down what we thought he said. Corrections were made later. I magaed to get a couple of phaese completely right.

Dictation is never a favourite of mine as i am hearing impaired and often misunderstand what is said to me.

And we did a small section on grammer work.  This week difference in rules and pronunciation between S & Z soincluded working on words containing  s ss c ç and z.

Homework for next lesson is to entend the dictaion phases into complete sentances.

As I said I have some knowledge of    French already and so in the group there i was one of the better stundents in that class but even i managed to learn a couple of new things.

The class has only just started so if anyone else wants to join you won't be too far behind the beginners is Friday 3-4 at the Richlelieu Café in Hesdin. You will need to pop overthere for details of exactly when the more advanced group is, I would say it is definatly worth giving a go.

If you do decide to come you will need a pen or pencil and an excersise book.


So there you have it my run down.

Hope you all like.



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