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How good is your French?


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Yes, it is a good test. That was one of the things that led me to the CNED site (Centre national d'enseignement à distance) that I posted about a while back (about a month ago - no response so far).

I tried the tests twice -

once having to guess all the answers to the oral stuff because Real had gone wonky and wouldn't play the sound files;

and again (after deleting Real and replacing it with Irfanview together with appropriate ra plug-in) actually listening to the audio.

I reckon the test assessment (Delf B2) was about right for me (maybe just Dalf C1 on a good day). Here are the parameters of the 6 Delf/Dalf levels

Niveau  Intitulé Descriptif Préparation aux

1 Elémentaire




de base de la langue.

Capacité à :

  • comprendre des situations simples et concrètes se rapportant à la vie

    quotidienne ;
  • communiquer de façon simple si son interlocuteur parle lentement.

Delf  A1
2 Elémentaire


(faux débutant)


élémentaire de la langue.

Capacité à :

  • comprendre des phrases isolées portant sur des domaines familiers ;
  • communiquer dans des situations courantes, et évoquer avec des moyens

    simples des questions personnelles.

Delf  A2

Intermédiaire 1

efficace, mais limitée de la langue.

Capacité à :

  • comprendre un langage clair et standard s'il s'agit d'un domaine familier

  • se débrouiller en voyage, parler de ses centres d'intérêt et donner de

    brèves explications sur un projet ou une idée.

Delf B1
4 Intermédiaire


générale et spontanée de la langue.

Capacité à :

  • comprendre l'essentiel d'un texte complexe ;
  • participer à une conversation sur un sujet général ou professionnel de

    façon claire et détaillée en donnant des avis argumentés.

Delf B2
5 Supérieur 1

(avancé 1)

Bonne maîtrise de la langue.

Capacité à :

  • comprendre une grande gamme de textes longs et exigeants comportant des

    contenus implicites ;
  • s'exprimer couramment et de façon bien structurée sur sa vie sociale,

    professionnelle ou académique.

Dalf C1
6 Supérieur 2

(avancé 2)


maîtrise de la langue.

Capacité à :

  • comprendre sans effort pratiquement tout ce qu'on lit ou entend et de tout

    résumer de façon cohérente.
  • de s'exprimer très couramment, de façon différenciée et nuancée sur des

    sujets complexes.

Dalf C2

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Jolly good - once I've got the room to myself I'll give it a go - just out of interest.  Or maybe on the laptop while the guests are nosebagging tomorrow morning.

Good or bad, I won't post the result - we don't want this turning into 'My French is better than your French, Nah-Nah-Na-Naah-Nah. [:)]

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I had a go and was pleased with my result because I skipped one question [:$]

And I know my French is bad so I don't mind sharing [:)]

Evaluation et orientation

  • Scores

Score total89 point(s) sur 132



Score à l'écrit51 point(s) sur 84
Score à l'oral38 point(s) sur 48


  • Bilan de compétences

Vous semblez avoir acquis un niveau élémentaire 2.


Nous vous conseillons d'aborder un cours de niveau intermédiaire 1.


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Question 2, the telephone conversation, forced to save the .ram file.  Started to look for software to open it with, then decided that life is too short for 45-minute French tests, when there are 62 million French people out there to tell me I'm wrong anyway!  [:D]  

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Well, what a waste of time that was!

I routinely block cookies from sites I don't know well enough to trust, but obviously their scoring system relied on my acceptance of cookies.  If not then I must be completely pants at French (scoring a big fat nil in each section).

Wish they'd told me that before I started [:@]

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I got quite excited for a few minutes thinking that I would be able to do a test. Then I discover that they want me to download real player and give my card details and fill out a form. I just don't know why they have to use a file system that can't run on Windows Media Player. I just can't be bothered.

I will just presume that I my score would have rubbish anyway.

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[quote user="Loiseau"]

Gosh, I found those antipodean girls and the sharks a bit brain-twisting!!



I was wondering if I was really thick but I really could not get the story in any order even though I understood every word... I wonder what a French person would make of it?

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Yes, the aussies bit was badly layed out... I was about to submit my answers when I realized in which order they wanted me to put the story in: don't think it was a language issue.

I must have the cookies problem also, they only scored me on the final two answers! I had to hit the back button and write down all my answers in shorthand. [:@]

Will try and disable cookies and get my real score...

Oh by the way, anybody suffering from not having realplayer - I'd advise you to download mediaplayer classic (it's free - just google it), which enables you to view/hear realmedia files without having to install realmedia player (which is a pain once it's on your pc, apprently).

Tried it again:

Changed a couple of right answers (doh!) and found a few wrong answers that would've been right if I hadn't have been lazy and copy pasted them from the existing text (they marked me down for not using capital letters - one was even identitical to their correction but they marked me down as wrong anyhow!)

Excuses aside, I'm well chuffed as I thought my french was worse than they reckon it is! [:D]

Score total 105

point(s) sur 132


Score à l'écrit 60

point(s) sur 84
Score à l'oral 45

point(s) sur 48

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