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[quote user="le val charente"]

I was at the hairdressers last year where some old ladies were laughing amongst themselves, and they said

"un phoque (seal) n'est pas encore un poisson"!!  (yes, poisson is what they said!)



Je ne comprends pas ça ......

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[quote user="Will"]

I know I make plenty of errors and can just imagine that you may be compiling a list of them from past contributions to the forum. When you find any then I will wilingly hold my hands up to my mistakes, and not justify an error by the specious argument that 'it doesn't matter on an internet forum'.

I actually have many better things to do than to read through your previous posts looking for errors.  My argument is that for me, this internet forum is not a place where it is necessary to write as one would in a formal situation, and I chose, indeed, choose, to write in a more informal manner, when I wish, as one would when speaking.  That doesn't suit you, but that is your problem.  We'll just have to agree to disagree on what is appropriate here.

You may, as a teacher, regard knowing the correct use of the accusative case of the personal pronoun as irrelevant and the mark of a pompous old git, and you may be right - though I can't speak for JR. It's just that I have to know about these things in the course of earning a living.

No, you can't speak for JR, but you didn't need to, I quote, "go one stage further in the pedantic stakes".  Stop being so offensive and patronising, you know nothing about me as a teacher. 

Edit - I wouldn't normally bother to point out errors on the forum (unlike some other users) but you did ask. JR and I were only being helpful by pointing out - as native English speakers with knowledge of correct grammar - the correct form. From what you said previously I got the impression you may not be a native English speaker, although you obviously know a lot about the language.

Well you needn't bother, I am a native English speaker.

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I thought the discussion had moved on from that. If you recall, it started from

[quote user="Tourangelle"]

...why have I made an awful mistake somewhere? (where's the emoticon for paranoid when I need it????[:$]).


Both JR and I, in a tongue-in-cheek way, answered your question, because we thought you had. You chose to take offence at having this pointed out, because you say that language on an internet forum need not follow correct grammar and form. I disagreed - I think that spoken, and internet, English may be informal but it should still be grammatical.

No big deal. So I agree with you 100% - let's each follow our own preferences. It's not worth getting upset about. Sincerely sorry that you were offended by the way I expressed my opinion.



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I do recall how it started, how can I make this clear? I wasn't taking the chat at all seriously when when I posted what you've quoted. I didn't even read back.  And you think the discussion had moved on, well maybe you don't have anything better to do with your time than check this forum every day but I do!  What you don't get, is that JR was tongue in cheek and you were patronising, so don't put the two of you together!  Then I see that apparently I am not English and you as native speaker were helping me out!  Fabulous, but it did seem necessary to explain clarify to avoid any more "help" in future from patronising pedants!

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