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great translation booboos


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A recent-ish instance exemplifying this was a Gérard Depardieu interview after being Oscar-nominated for Green Card in 1990.

He explained that in his youth, "il avait assisté à un viol" (he had witnessed a rape), which was translated as "he had assisted in a rape".

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I wonder who got it wrong first???   la chicoree = endive (eng)      l'endive = chicory (eng.)   

any explanation out there?

I remember the look on my English landlady, when I told her that back home I kept my clothes in a lovely pine commode!

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looking at another thread (bad feelings) I was surprised the word  ars**d got through moderators. Remeined me of the lesson when after trying 3 different tape recorders to play A GCSE listening practice exam, I gave up and told the kids 'Sorry, I just can't be asked to get another one- we will do something else!' They were amazed and told me 'Miss you can;t say that!'   That day I got a language lesson.

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