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goat, sheep, hens and ducks


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We look after a holiday house nearby, in the centre of a small village. Bordering the garden is a smallholding with around 50 various small animals, and a few sheep. Over the summer the odd chicken came through the fence, and once or twice a goat, which we thought was rather amusing and quite sweet. Over the autumn a few droppings appeared on the terrace, which wasn't quite so funny. 

When we arrived last week to work on the garden, there were 4 sheep and 2 goats standing in the flower bed, happily munching on the shrubs. The fence has been uprooted by the goats and the sheep followed them through. I went over to the Mairie and the nice secretary phoned the owner of the house for me and left a message.

When I got back to the garden the tennant had appeared, so I expressed my concerns to her. She said she couldn't cope, the animals did as they pleased, and that her husband was working and wouldn't mend the fence. She also added that he had recently untethered the goats (they are runningh round with a chain and post around their necks) She stuck some corrugated metal in front of the biggest hole.

We returned yesterday to find all the shrubs and hedges eaten up to a height of  1m, and lots more droppings. I think that the visits must have increased 5 fold during the week, and that no attempt has been made to strengthen the fence, or tether the goats. I called the owner who symapthised, he said he had spoken to the tennant last week after my first complaint, and that my next course of action is to send a letter to them recommandé. I have told my clients that I will deal with the isuue on their behalf as they live in Ireland.


My question is, what happens after that? Do I put in my letter that if they don't do something I call the gendarmes/ a hussier/notaire? Can anyone help please?






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