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French prononciation of English names and places


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I always used to tell my pupilswith a certain amount of smugness  that as a Scot, I was blessed with having "perfect vowels". Thus I pronounce the ur digraph differently from the er one, so burn does not rhyme with fern for example. 

I have noticed that French people find it easier to imitate my accent when I speak English than that of my OH whose accent is Thames Valley, and conversely, I can reproduce the French accent fairly well. I put this apparent ease between the Scottish and French accent down to the Auld Alliance.

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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]I quite enjoy hearing the French rendering of Cillit Bang.


I said to the lady that I clean for the other day "Je vais avoir besoin de plus de Cillit Bang" She looked puzzled for a second then said "Ah, Silly Bong!"
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So right, Norman!

My otherwise very English-fluent French friends insist that their daughter is studying "low", and enjoying articles from the "gwardian".

Mind you, when my daughter was staying with them they had trouble making her hear how to pronounce "l'eau".  She had said the equivalent of "low", but they tried over and over to make her create a much shorter vowel sound.


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