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pigeon message from WW2


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I'm trying to translate some messages which were sent by carrier pigeon to and from Resistants in France during WW2.

Most is ok but I'm stuck on this one, all in capital letters:

"12) Changez message Grande Ourse par la tuile à glisse du toit mais gardez indicatif pour Duval."

I can translate it literally, but it doesn't make sense eg slippery roof tile?

Any ideas?

I could try to copy and paste the whole thing if it would help.

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Oh dear - last night the page showed up clearly on this forum on my 'puter screen, but obviously not now.

I think the message was from France to someone in the UK.

Great Bear could be the star constellation or it could someone's pseudonym.

There's another message which implies that the receiver is in London, but I'm slightly doubtful about the whole thing. As others say, you would think messages would be in code, in case they got into the wrong hands. Could be a "red herring."

But I do know pigeons were used for this, there's a whole room about it at Bletchley Park.

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