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?subjunctive question


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Can someone tell me how to say in french "I should not have done" something? Or "I should never have done "something.

I think it probably involves the subjunctive or some verb like falloir which I've never learnt.

Don't ask what offence I've comitted [:)] - pas grave (I hope.)

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Another useful formula is :

"Je n'aurais pas pu..." -- I wouldn't have been able to...

"Je n'aurais pas pu payer l'addition si mon ami ne m'avait pas donné de l'argent

"Je n'aurais pas dû..." -- I shouldn't have...

"Je n'aurais pas dû donner de l'argent à mon ami parce qu'il l'a tout employé pour aller au restaurant."

In speech one often hears them without the n'

J'aurais pas dû..

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Thanks to all - it turned out to be one of the usual misunderstandings because of the language problems.

Wouldn't you think misunderstanding would be 'malcompris'? But no, it's 'malentendu' = badly heard?

All friends again now.

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