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Having an accent


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Mint, as ever, in spite of your own difficulties, you are so supportive.  The good news is that this morning, having not slept well I must admit, I did manage to get an appointment to see a doctor (come between 9.30 and 10, I was seen about 10am .. not bad, nit my own, I  knew she was on holiday) and yes, it is infected ... came back with antibiotics to take, antibiotic ointment and antiseptic to clean with .. such is the French system, overkill, if onlythe surgeon had prescribed anti-biotic ointment to start with!!

To return to the real subject of this post - accents.  I can manage those 4 nasal sounds quite well, it's those sounds we don't have in English - as in "pu" that I struggle with.  Never mind, the doctor understood me well enough this morning, and said I spoke good French.  It always helps to apologise for your poor French as you speak to them, it always pleases them!

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Yes, pu and vu, apparently it is ok to say in english already you, instead of already seen, now that drives me nutty.

Pursing the lips almost as if going to  'kiss' and keeping the sound right at the end of the pursed lips, helps with these sounds, well that is what I find.[:D]

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