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Death in the Dordogne


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This is a novel by Louis Sanders that I came across in the absolutely invaluable Good Book Guide. Louis Sanders is a Frenchman, married to an Englishwoman, they live in the Dordogne. Discovered when book arrived that it was originally, published in French. Wish I'd known that initially as I personally would have preferred to read it in French.

Single Englishman sold up in Hackney now living on his own somewhere near Thiviers. (Interesting description of Thiviers in the winter. He compares it with a bleak Scottish town, I've always felt it wouldn't be out of place in North Wales.) Lots of interesting neighbours, both French and British. The book is real page turning stuff, I was actually a bit scared at one point and had to fight hard not to skip down the page to see what was going to happen to him.

Published by Serpent's Tail, ISBN: 1-85242-673-X

Whatever happened to that Book Club we keep proposing?

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I started his first novel "fvrier" in French and I haven't yet got beyond the first two pages becasue I found the style very flat. From what I've read, it's the least successful of his books. But I wanted to read them in order. Maybe it will improve with a bit of effort, I'll dig it out and have another go.
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