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What do you read in French?


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I mean apart from novels. Here's my reading list:

Midi Libre - local paper, every couple of days.

Le Monde - online, most days.

Marianne - now and again, but their constant criticism gets a bit boring.

Fluide Glaciale - more often than Marianne. Not as good as Viz, but can be funny.

Canard Enchain - almost never. I feel I should, but it has too many words, not enough cartoons! Seems very tame after Private Eye.

Women's magazines - very rarely I give in to the lure of the glossy cover. Usually coincides with a New Me, when I decide I really should look after my appearance, put on a bit of mascara etc. Never lasts long!

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LAST EDITED ON 18-Dec-03 AT 06:38 AM (GMT)

* Sud Ouest - on average twice a week, good on Sundays 'cos you get supplements including a TV guide and Womens mag.

* Le Gap - Freebie advertising rag

* Hebdo Prigord - Ditto

* occasionally newspapers online - various including Libration, Le Figaro, Le Monde.

* 'Cuisine' magazine bought each month (mostly)

* 'revising' my french class work

* and not forgetting all the wonderful 'junk mail' we get in the post box - particularly mouth-watering at this time of the year. I avoid letting the kids see the toy ones otherwise all day I hear "I want......"!!

Not very intellectual I know, maybe one day I'll tackle a novel as I always have one in English on the go - any recommendations that wouldn't be too arduous.

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Le Monde, usually Saturday's edition
Detours en France - every month, love it
l'Express - regularly
Nouvel Observateur - occasionally
Maisons Sud Ouest - when in France, what a treat
Femme Actuelle - twice a year at the dentist's
Mme Figaro - occasionally
And my real favourite is Campagne Decoration, though technically that's more looking at the pictures!

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LAST EDITED ON 19-Dec-03 AT 01:23 PM (GMT)

This week's reading matter at chez nous

Maison & Travaux
Art & Decoration
Bricomarche and Weldoms junk mail
Savoir tout Faire (a French DIY book with pictures!!)
instructions on sous couche, cire pour parquets, and the new DVD player

Charente Libre
Confolentais (local paper)

Harraps Verb Tables
Harraps Grammar

The Times (guests brought it over and left it here - I try not to give Murdock any of my money)

Hello and Cosmo - (guests again!!)
My Little Friend by Donna Tarte
Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould

French sub-titles on a couple of films
and this week - lots of LF!!!


EDIT - oops, sorry SaligoBay - I've just failed that test miserably - much of the above isn't French!!!!!
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I don't have any real regulars except Dtente jardin, and that's only because cancelling the standing order is one of those things I never get round to, it's not a recommendation.
However, I have been turfing out the bedside heap and it included (some as old as 1996 - and no the bed's not been there that long)
L'ami des jardins, mon jardin & ma maison
maison et travaux, restaurer sa maison
cuisine & vins de france, cuisiner
sud ouest, prigord hebdo
chasseur franais
le nouvel observateur
books on training dogs, gardening, rcitations, poetry
seed catalogues
damart catalogue
supermarket promotional booklets & other junk the postman brings
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Tele Loisir weekly and even try the games, it is the best tele paper for what is on BBC Prime and BBC World (apart from looking on line.)
Bien Public the local paper everyday except Sunday as we don't go into town Sundays to buy it.
Sometimes pick up a womans magazine Elle etc.
My dictionary just about everyday when I know I have made a fool of myself again in the shops or with a neighbour!
The junk mail just to see if I can read it.
The dictionary for electricity, building and plumbing work and The dictionary for health matters when needed.
Subtitles in French
But not a novel, yet, but who knows?

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Following my posting at No 6, where I confessed to Tin Tin annuals being about my level of French, well I've now graduated!

I bought an Agatha Christie novel - 'Rendez-vous a Bagdad' as I'd finished all the books I'd taken on holiday to les Hautes-Alpes last week. It's not Moliere, but hey! I'm chuffed! I've found I'm actually reading it too, as in not translating into English in my head (unless I'm really stuck with the sense of something), which I used to do....

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How about this for effort - I've decided to read my way through the newsagents. Different magazine every week. Done 3 weeks so far, that's pretty good for me!!!

TOUS - looks completely naff, but a nice fireside read on a rainy afternoon, and it does gives you something to think about. A little taste of France if you're not here. And by chance, there was an article about Onion Henri, who we used to see all the time cycling around Southampton. Cool!

VSD - kind of yoof culture stuff. Caught up with Bernard Cantat's condition in prison in Lithuania, how his wife is supporting him etc. Not my area of interest, but I read it anyway. And Michael Youn, a madman who is apparently igniting the 15-25 age group.

BIOGRAPHIES. Beurk, not my cup of tea at all. BUT it was interesting to read all about Abb Pierre (founder of Emmaus), and I now know everything about Nikolas Sarkozy except his inside leg measurement.

What with my newly-discovered Claude Franois, I really feel I'm nearly at the very summit of French culcha.

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