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Water Meter Bypassed?

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Last time I was over at our Holiday House I had the water off and on a few times as I was working on the kitchen taps.

I was having a look at the water meter (near our back door) and I noticed that when the water was running inside the house the meter wasn't turning at all!

There is an external tap very close to the meter and when this tap is turned on the meter does turn.

We've only had the house since December so I have been in touch with the Water Authority in our area (Lyonnaise des Eaux). They eventually got back to me advising me to contact their customer services.

I replied asking for an email address for customer services but there has been no response.

Would anyone have the correct email address for Lyonnaise des Eaux?
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[quote user="woolybanana"]Was your house part of a larger property at one time? If so, the meter for indoors might be elsewhere and someone else could be footing the bill?[/quote]

Sounds good to me - can I have one of them please?

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Same here in Britanny when we had a small extension built. The builder found the heavy black water pipe at the entrance of the property about 20 metres from the house but right next to the old barn. The water was coming from the metered supply across the road 100 metres away.....the spoil sport put it right [:'(]
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