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Don't know what happens elsewhere but in our village in Languedoc some people decorate their houses and the Mairie organises a party in the afternoon for the kids where they get to dressup and eat loads of rubbish! No tradition of calling door to door though.
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Same as in the UK, except without the vandalism from my experience.

Had two lots round already (during the day which I found odd), gave them some lollies and sent them on their way.

Isn't it strange how all year long kids are told not to speak to strangers or accept lollies and the like off them, but as soon as Halloween comes along, they actively seek out strangers asking for treats? Funny old world.


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Three witches, two diablesses a ghost and a pumkin just left my house. 

They've been here since 2pm and were high on sugar and E numbers.  They played tuck the apple in a bowl of water, screamed, took part in a quizz, screamed, played a highly complicated game of ball on the village green while screaming, provoked three boys on their bikes, and then screamed some more!

I have poured myself a glass of wine thrown a pizza in the oven and hopefully will manage to eat the pizza and drink the wine before I fall into a coma[:)]

That's how we do Halloween here - and the screaming gets louder every year[:)]

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We had a party at home with kids/teenagers.. Lots of kids knocked on th door in the afternoon , saw lots of scream faces, pumpkins, ghosts, monsters... [:D]

The younger kids in the afternoon, teenagers when night's fallen..

Good fun

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