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Are sex scandals the norm in French political circles then?


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I can imagine that some politicians could be fascinating, but I wouldn't trust one as far as I could throw one and trust has always been important to me and something I need I suppose. I go for more artistic types, distracted, half mad, a man could have other traits too, but they are the things that would get me interested, well have in the past.


I went to see Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona with my oldest friend. She is still pretty, slender and dresses to impress and maybe to thrill in some ways. However, that facade belies a very straightlaced  person. At the end of the film she was actually shouting out loud for one of the girls to leave Spain and go to her obviously wealthy, well placed fiance. And me wishing, but not vocalising that she'd run off with the artist. My friend thinks I'm mad, but I have to say in general I have had a far 'happier' life than she has so far.

This was the same friend I told that if I ended up alone I would find someone else and the first thing she said was 'how?' and then 'why?' which I suppose illustrates how unhappy she has been, and I have not. I then explained to her how it all worked. Trouble is that she would always go for someone with security, good pension? good car etc etc even though she is financially independant herself and I suspect make yet another bad choice, for money and security is not a guarantee to a happy relationship.

It really is a good job that we don't all go for the same sort of person.

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Oh, Clair, I'd quite forgotten about him!

What, did he have a gagging order then?

He's another one of those smarmy ones that I couldn't stand!

OTOH, I thought Keays would have been perfectly able to hold her own against anybody.


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[quote user="Clair"]A friend of mine got a desk job typing out audio surveillance reports on members of the French government during the early Mitterand years.

She never told me specifics, just bits and pieces, no names, just facts like So-and-so was busted with an under-age boy, Thingamajig has a gambling problem...[/quote]

By a strange coincidence... French ex-cabinet minister travelled to Morocco for orgy with little boys

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Since when did pedophiles deserve their private life to be private? DOH, NEVER, methinks! There again a middle aged lady with little brain, really, what would I know of these things, only if the brain is small, then the common sense is ginormous, so it is still a NEVER!

I don't care who is shagging who, really I don't care. I don't find salacious details a turn on either. Consenting adults with no pressure on either party and they can do as they please, keep it to yourselves as much as you want. Any deviation from that little rule and then what should be private about that.

 I do care is if someone is being set up for blackmail and could end up giving away secrets that are not theirs to share.


I am now upset and angry about that report. So how many people in power in France condone pedophilia? This whole airing of scandals gets worse and truly despicable.



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