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French Zenophobia


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Whilst sarko was in favour of european union nationals voting in municipal elections as a policy in the year 2005, he has now changed his tune to presumably curry favour with the french voters.

Whilst the political opportunism of the poisonous dwarf is no real surprise it is interesting to note that the results of an on line poll run in thursdays web journal 20Minutes concur with the opinion of the dwarf. Well over 60 % of the participants in the poll voted against EU nationals resident in france being allowed to vote.


Etes-vous favorables au droit de vote pour les étrangers aux élections locales?

Oui  34 %
Non  66 %

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[quote user="NormanH"]I thought this example of Xenophobia was about not letting non-EU foreigners vote in local elections, where those from the EU already have the right?

Sarko on TF1 at lunch time gave the strong impression with his zenophobic stance that he ultimately wished to restrict all suffrage to french nationals, the link posted does not convey that feeling but of course the poll voters will be thinking of their maghrebin neighbours clustered to the north east of the city of light.

20 minutes is principally a freebie parisian event reflecting parigot sentiment.


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ONLY 10%?   here it is often in the 30s..

For the recent Cantonals..

CandidatsÉtiquettePremier tourSecond tour
 Philippe VidalPS302434,35533154,91
 Pascal LoubetFN298733,93437845,09
 Agnès Gizard-CarlinEELV7518,53  
 René PinazzaUMP127114,44  
 Brigitte QuilèsPCF4705,34  
 Jacques QuedevillePG3013,42  


Blancs et nuls2042,26


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