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Recommendations for removals firms - France to UK

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For a variety of reasons (not just the dreaded B-word!) we are moving back to the UK.

Does anyone have recommendations for removal firms? We would want a full packing service on contents of a large house.

I did a search on the Forum but couldn't find anything within the last few years......

Thanks in advance

Chrissie (81)
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We moved back last Feb. from the Gers. We got 3 estimates, 2 from nearby french companies and one from Bishops Move UK. The UK one was half the price of the french ones.
Removal day was a nightmare because of the weather - our drive was a sea of mud and they had to shuttle up and down to their lorry in the lane in our neighbour's transit van. Took 2 days instead of one. We fed them and they showered in our house, slept in the lorry.
But they worked hard and the company kept to the estimate. Everything carefully packed.
Their lorry had a trailer, they said they had picked up one load, and were going to pick up another on the way back.

Back in the UK the eventual delivery of our belongings went quickly and efficiently. Nothing broken or missing etc.

I definitely recommend Bishops Move.

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@ Pat

Not that OH and I have any intention of returning to the UK .. but the firm you write about seem to offer exceptionally good service . . which can be so difficult fo find .. especially if you don't know where to begin looking after spending umpteen years happily in France.
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Sorry to hear you are "leaving" us, and so we won't manage to meet up for books etc etc.

However, my Rotary club have installed 2 (soon to be 4) "boîte à livres" in places locally, which we have to check for books on a regular basis, so I have a way to get rid of books now, and all for a good cause, though not yours!

However, regarding your post about removal firms.  We used Bishops Move on more than one occasion, the last being at least 10 years ago, when I came here.  When we moved from "that" house to "this" house 8 years ago, we used a firm from Narbonne, and they had only to move the big furniture, we did the rest (only moved 20 mins drive, and did not need to time the sale / purchase together), and that cost pro rata a lot more.  Though we did need a lift to get some of the furniture out of the old house!

UK firms will often be very competitive, especially if you can fill them up on a return load!

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Well, that's fascinating - I shall definitely be investigating Bishops Move, thank you everyone!

I'm glad you found an outlet for your books, Judith - I have managed to persuade someone else to take over the sales here in aid of the local dog refuge, so that's a relief.

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I hope you find someone good Chrissie.
I forgot to mention one thing about Bishops Move - you might not get the exact date you want.

Because they wait until they can coordinate 2 or3 other collections.
Ours was more more or less a good date for us, as husband stayed behind in the house for a few days, with minimum belongings, which he brought back in a trailer

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You know how Brits living in France say that everything is expensive. !!

So, how do Brits working in France offer the same services as their French counterparts but cheaper ???

Their costs and taxes are the same !!!!

I have never understood that. (insert yellow thing shrugging its shoulders)

Where are they making their savings to be more competitive ?
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But in this case they're not "working in France". Legitimately, international removals companies do what their name suggests. They undertake international removals. It's just that they can do them more cheaply if they are able to fill up their truck on the way back as well as outbound. They are covered/insured/operating legitimately in doing so, because they have to be in the first place.

Check out any of their websites (including the French companies, cos they do the same thing the other way round) and you'll find they tell you just that.
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I admit I'm quite puzzled by the discrepancy in the estimates we were given.

The french companies sent someone to look all round our house and barns etc, measuring up and recording all items. Then came up with an estimate of 6000 euro.
Bishops Move did it all on the phone and their estimate was £3000. Maybe more in euros.
Was this because french businesses take into account the taxes they have to pay, whereas british businesses are treated more leniently?

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When we moved back I got several quotes from french companies and all were over 12000€, and that was 10 years ago, one about 15k or there abouts.

I then gave up and got several quotes from UK companies and they were getting on for half the price in general.

And so we used a UK one, Britannia I think because they could do the dates we wanted. Now IF our agent immobilier had been honest, along with our notaire, we could have moved a week later and saved at least a £1000!....... bad language and bad thoughts being had here.

ps NH did not mention how much he paid did he! As long as he thought it was OK, then there is not reason to fuss, is there!

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