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Cuts in Artists' unemplyment benefit


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There is a special scheme for performing Artists in France by which they can claim unemployment benefit after having worked only 507 hours. The caisse which deals with this is in the red to over  1 BILLION.

This Guardian article deals with the basics, but as often with  the UK press they don't know the full story.


Even if one accepted this as support for struggling artists as it is presented, it is in fact totally abused by employers who use the slightest excuse to categorise a job as intermittent du spectacle to pay the least possible and leave the unemployment benefit to top up the salaries.

So for example the chap erecting scaffolding for a open air stage, or a secretary working for  state television 5 days in the week and

then sign on for 2 days each weekend. The argument is that television is

a sort of spectacle, so even secretaries should be able to benefit from


There are likely to be all sorts of ructions over this...

I think that the mediocre standard one often sees is caused by this system, as people who would simply be considered amateurs in the UK consider themselves professionals in this system..

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It is a racket that should have been put to death many years ago, Norman. These people should be paid benefit according to the hours worked, not imaginary professionn chosen. So, if they work say 60% as a waiter, then that is what they are. Heck, it is taxpayers money that is being slung around here, and France is totally broke.


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