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For Norman, GG and any closet lovers of Proust....


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Alas, GG, I would have to read the books in translation!

To paraphrase a pianist who said of one of Mozart's piano concertos that it has too many notes, I will have to say of ALRDTP that it has too many French words[:)]

Forgot to mention Jean Santeuil which is thought to be a precursor of à la recherche and indeed the main story line does give a close ressemblance to the latter work.  Now this, although hefty, is manageable and I enjoyed large parts of it.

In Marcel Proust: Life and works

…1895 to 1899 he wrote Jean Santeuil, an autobiographical novel that, though unfinished and ill-constructed, showed awakening genius and foreshadowed À la recherche.

A gradual disengagement from social life coincided with growing ill

health and with his active involvement in the Dreyfus affair of 1897–99,

when French politics and society…

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