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Selling property in France

Ski Bunny

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We are thinking about selling our apartment in Samoens in France, in the Haute de Savoie region, part of the Grand Massif ski area.  I would like advice on a few things

1.  What fees, tax etc will we be likely to pay?  We have owned the property for less than 5 years, but I am expecting to probably sell it for less than we bought it, so I assume the Cap Gain Tax would be zero?  However, the exchange rate will work in our favour and may convert this into a small profit - will we have to pay tax on this?

2.  I heard somewhere mentioned that the notaire's will deduct a 1% tax on sale price fo Non French resident selling a property - is this correct?  I also read that yu can attempt to claim this tax back through an agreement that all EU countries should be taxed the same - is this right??

3.  Are the notaire's fees always paid by the buyer?  Even if the buyer ends up using a different notaire to the one which you appoint to deal with the sale?  Would they then have to pay 2 notaire's fees?

4.  How much do the diagnostic surveys cost and can you "reuse" the ones which you got when you purchased the property if you are selling within 5 years of buying?

5.  Does anyone know what the market prices are doing in this area of France - are they still falling or have they maybe started to recover a little - the $m question - when to sell?!!

6.  Any other costs or issue I should be awrae of?

All comments very gratefully received !

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Ski bunny,

All of your questions are best and probably only can be answered by a local notaire, they'll even know what the market is doing in your area. I can, however, answer no. 3, (I think!) the buyer does always pay notaire fee's. Apparently if they appoint a 2nd notaire the fee is shared between notaires and still paid by the buyer.

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