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Suggestions please...


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Hi All,

I have been given a tin of Confit de Canard (4 cuisses!)and would welcome suggestions on how to cook them.In the past I have gone the usual 'saute in their own fat ' route but thought I would ask you folks for any other recipes you may have.

The author of the recipe used will have several glasses of wine raised in their honour whilst I cook it - and also during the meal. (I am a big fan of Keith Floyd!)

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Dean, don't forget to keep the duck fat, don't throw it away. It is the best thing you can use for roast potatoes and lots of other cooking. The duck also goes well with a nice plain salad and loads of krusty (?) bread, dipped in the fat of course. Sorry but my smelling spelin goes up to shute at this tyme of knighte...

Bon apitite,


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Yes the chinese option is my favourite, pruneaux, soy sauce, bit of chilli, and ginger all whizzed together. Served hot off the bone in torillas with spring onions and shredded cucumber, pour sauce over the top and roll up.



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Hi all

Plain and simple put them under the grill non skin side up to melt the fat and heat through then turn over (skin side up) and grill until the skin is crispy, and as stated already KEEP the fat it will last for ages in the fridge, good for roast potatoes, Pork rillettes, and it smells wonderful when cooking.


Bon Chance and a merry Christmas to all

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