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Help, Sloppy 'Bon bons'!


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Help please...I've finally got round to making sweets for Christmas..(been planning to do it now for 25 years!), however, my dark choccy truffles have set beautifully but for some reason the white ones haven't and are still a bit sloppy. Why?, no idea as I've used the same ingredients, only difference was the chocolate. Maybe the white was a lesser quality. Any ideas as to how I can 'thicken' or make the mix more solid?

Then I can get on with the serious stuff, like enjoying myself with family and friends and a glass or two...




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Dear Annie this is something that I too have wanted to do for years and still have not got around to doing so.  Here in France there are obviously lots on sale but of course nothing better than one's own.

I am not a great or even good person to ask on chocolate save that I love it but perhaps just perhaps it is the difference in cocoa solids in the respective chocolate.  I was told that at least 70% for the dark chocolate so white may be somewhat different and you have to do something else to it to make it set.  I await the replies to this forum with interest for I have some wonderful chocolate from Valrhona in Tarn Hermitage they ship all over France and will try to fit in some time before Xmas to have a go................

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