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Kobe Beef?


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I've never seen it outside of Kobe or Tokyo.  There again - I've never looked!  It's expensive enough there, dread to think what it is in UK or France.  Just looked at the link above - Scottish Kobe beef?  Isn't that a bit like Californian Champagne or Somerset Camembert?
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At Lucie's Farm this lot is £48.50 - which they say is cheap...

Scottish | Kobe Taster's Package


package containing our favourite products: two Scottish | Kobe sirloin

steaks, two Scottish | Kobe feather steaks, four Scottish | Kobe

hamburgers --- and a 750 g package of Scottish | Kobe mince. Purchased

individually this would cost just over £55.50. Our Taster's Package is

£48.50, a savings of over 12%.

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