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Not specifically a French food enquiry but I have recently bought a juicer during an "at that price I must have one!"  moment and would like advice as to how to get the best from it.

Dont worry about teaching me to suck eggs as I know naff all about the subject.

My theory was to buy the fruit and veg from our local Arab market at 12:30 on Sunday when they virtually give it away and make fruit juices and smoothies etc. I am recovering from what I hope is my last operation and off the drink and want to do that little bit more if I can.

I have had a play with apples (with and without skin) apple and kiwi mixed and oranges, again with and without skin. The orange puree with skin looked great but tasted too tart, the apple was fine either way but looked a bit frothy/scummy with the skin and I reckon it would seperate in time.

I havn't really thought about introducing veg into the mix and would appreciate comments.

Are there any specific rules? i.e. certain fruits must be skinned or cored to avoid blocking the machine etc etc.

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I bought a juice recipe book a year or so ago. But don't ever use it for recipes just the nutritional content of different fruit and veg. I just lob anything i grab my hands on in it! [:D] Although tend to use mainly veg.

Not too fussy what it tastes like, as long as it has good stuff in it! I'm used to the odd combo's now. A good bit of root ginger added tastes great though!

Also a lot depends on what type of juicer you have. I used to have a cheapo and wasn't impressed so stole my parents posh one! Also means it fits most stuff in whole, so no peeling /cutting which is a pain if you use it daily.

Do some web research on nutrition content of veggies and juicing and see what you  need to help your body recover.

Try and avoid really hard pips and stones. I only ever peal citrus fruit.

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As long as the fruits/veg are scrubbed clean (no pesticides, dirt...), just use them as they are. No need to peel or even remove pips.

As a rule, don't juice in advamnce and drink sooner rather than later. Once exposed to the air, juices oxydise very quickly. You can test that by juicing a carrot and see the juice turn from bright orange to khaki in less than a minute.

A few cocktail suggestions:

celery, carrot and cabbage

carrot and apple

carrot, parsley and mint

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Only one rule ... drink it straight away.  Never keep the juice for later. 

You can make some great combinations, but a good way to ease yourself in it to add carrot or apple juice to other juices.  This will sweeten it up until your palate is more used to other juices.  Those which are REALLY good for you sometimes don't taste so great at first.

Would you like a few recipes?

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15 hours ago, makini52 said:



My mum recently bought a juice machine and i can't wait to start juicing and cleansing my body. Do you have any good recipes? It would be perfect if they contained not only fruits, but vegetables and some protein sources :) 

Which juicer? The fancy cold pressing varieties leave out the fibre and just produce juice, that just spikes your insulin levels and makes you feel hungry again when your sugar level drops. The Nutribullet type give you the fibre as well which is known to be beneficial.

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For years, my darling wife has made fruit purée in our large powerful blender.

OK a bit of a fag 'cos one must peel, core and chop up the fruit a bit: however, well worth the result.

Anything goes in together; oranges, apples, bananas. The benefit is one eats all the fruit except skins.

A little lemon juice plus good honey prevents the purée going brown too quickly, so if it is refrigerated it can be consumed over two days.


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1 hour ago, ssomon said:

My wife and I still have teeth, so she makes a fresh fruit salad with dinner every day.

Have to agree with this one.  I like to chew my foods not drink them.

However, we did try a 3 day cleanse a year or so ago.  I was surprised how good fresh spinach mixed with fresh fruits in a blender tasted.  Perhaps it is a generational thing.  Our daughter loves juicing.



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Whilst you are right Lori, blending kale is a lot easier to get down. I used to add handful of kale, handful of spinach, a kiwi, spoonful of peanuts/brazil/almonds/cashews. Maybe chia or flax seeds. Sometimes fruits of the forest red berries and/or a banana.

Really helped after cancer treatment as energy was low and I carried that on for 8 years. I did gain some visceral fat so as covid lockdown began I stopped using it and changed to low carb high fat diet to loose the visceral fat.

Nutribullet is 11 years old now and the blade bearings are worn out. 

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9 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

I suspect that the only juice this lot enjoy might come in either red, rosé or white forms and be made by Southern Belles rolling up their skirts and tramping the fruit with their withered toes!


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