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Hi Petra

I must say I do not go around hankering after English food but noticed the following, Chedder cheese at Hyper U, Tetley tea and Scotts porridge oats at InterMarche and Baked Beans at Lidl and also at Aldi I believe, what I have had trouble getting is Parmigiani in a lump (Hate the grated stuff) but now available at Hyper U, I am not sure but I think I have seen Robinsons marmalade at InterMarche.

Hope this helps





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What a love you are!! Well, I can tell you now that in Gigny-sur-Back-Of-Beyond-Middle-Of-Nowhere-Suran the nearest main town is Lons le Saunier and their Casino hasn't even got those products, except for porridge! Quakers Oats.

They do have salted butter, mind...but not quite as tasty as melted Anchor on a crumpet, or muffin at 4pm tea time!!!

Baked beans? Not a bean around here except gourmet flagolets a la 'this & that!'

But never mind! Oh dear! I'm not really all that bothered! If I had to have English or French fare...French would be my choice every time! Yeaahhh! Bring on the frogs legs (and Branston pickle!!) hehehe
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I take Yorkshire teabags out with me each time I go as its the only tea my husband will drink, only to see it in the shops each time Im there . but I know if I dont take it , it wont be in the shops . [blink] 
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