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More than the average sandwich/pizza option

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Planning our wedding/honeymoon in Europe, but more specifically interested in knowing if there are any fantastic recommendations for a more upscale eatery that serves vegetarian options in Carcassonne or surrounding area? We are not bothered with soups, sandwiches, pizza most days, but wondered if we could have a sit down meal with something a little more appetizing than that for our wedding day meal...

We are having a small scale affair (just the 2 of us, our 2 children and a friend/caregiver for children), so no need for banquet style...any suggestions?

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If you eat seafood then there is an excellent placein Limoux. Does not look much from the outside but it is nice inside. If you are interested I can give you directions.

Likewise, as it is a special event you might consider a place like (I bet I get this one wrong) Hotel de Modern de Pigeon in Limoux. It is Michelin star (2 or possibly 3 I can't remember) and I would imagine if you contact them they may suggest a veggie menu specially for your party.

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If you want something a little upmarket right in the centre of the medieval city then look at Compte Roger  http://www.comteroger.com/index.htm

Beautiful summer terrace just perfect in August. Pierre the chef/owner is very inventive and whislt he does not do a vegetarian menu per se - a number of his dishes are vegetarian . I am sure he can accomodate your wishes if you give him some advance notice.

If, as somebody else suggested, you are happy with fish/seafood then they have a range of dishhes to suit.








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