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Oh that one.

Still prefer the easiness of the other sort.

Lidl do lovely bread, all ready to plonk in the oven, I know SB luvs 'em as well. Italian jobbies, olives an all.......Even I can cook them !!

Can you tell we are closed, look at the time, lovely, no one about and the music has been right up.....................

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I havent read all the posts here so apollogies if its already mentiioned .....I have found the answer is ..Flour improver I get mine posted to me ...Ebay seaarch for flour improver there are various kinds re the typ of bread you want ...works every time tea spoon in the flour of big loaf you wont get heavy bread then .....
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My first Panasonic lasted about 10 - 12 years. Then I bought a Lidl Bifinett and was disappointed - excellent dough, inconsistent baking results. So we bought a second Panasonic... this is a Golden Linseed loaf. It's 70% white flour, 30% wholemeal and gets a handful of golden linseeds. Yum.


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For flour improvers ...Google " Tastes of Torrisholme " on the left of the web site link to flour improvers....There you will see the various breads and types of improvers you need for breadmakers and hand baking .......believe me the results are well worth the use of improvers ...Sorry I cant put on the link some kind person might !

Link: http://www.tastesoftorrisholme.co.uk/products.aspx?cat=Bread%20Flour%20Improvers

(a kind person [:)])

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