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Fromage Blanc


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In Ikea (near Rennes) yesterday we had a dessert made of fruits rouges topped with what was called "mousse de fromage blanc". Looked like whipped cream - tasted wonderful - perhaps slightly sweetened but not much.

Does anyone know how to make this please?  Can one whip fromage blanc like cream?  We have never bought fromage blanc as we thought you just ate it as it was and did not fancy it.


Mrs H

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Probably something like this:

a mixture of fromage blanc with vanilla flavoured sugar and egg yolk, folded into whisked cream:


Fromage blanc is nice eaten drizzled with honey, or on a base of a   fruit purée in a tall glass.

There are two sorts  'en faiselle' a bit like curds and whey, and 'battu' which is homogenous.

I get mine from a local farmer on the market, rather then in the supermarket.

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I hope no-one will object, but I got carried away with the siphon idea, and finally found a short video which explains how to use it - to obtain light chantilly, but it would work for any mousse. It seems a bit complicated to me, but there again, cuisine moleculaire is not my forte, and I have zilch spatial abilities - this seems simple enough though


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