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Rillettes de Porc

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Bonjour All,

I'm trying to find an artisan producer of "Rillettes de Porc" does anyone have a local favourite that they can point me in the direction of ?

Just to be a bit more awkward, they need to be produced by a small scale artisan producer, in sealed jars with a good shelf life, but without any artificial additives or preservatives.....and of course delicious !

We supply French artisan food in the UK and are constantly being asked for them, but they are difficult to find when they have to comply with the above criteria, any suggested would be tres appreciated !

Many Mercis,


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This producer would seem to tick most of the boxes apart from the 'sealed jars' requirement, which isn't something I have seen in France. Maybe a small enough producer, offered a reasonable sized order, might be flexible though?


Of course, Le Mans is the capital for rillettes de porc so maybe Cooperlola or somebody will have a suggestion.

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My butcher makes the best rillettes I've ever had.  However, I doubt his capacity for your purposes.  Here's a list of the 2010 medal winners which I reckon is a good place to start:


Boulvert of Bonnetable do some of the best more widely available ones that I have found but they come in plastic pots with a sealed lid - as do most which are on general sale in the Sarthe (the home of the real thing, as Will says.)   Local pride apart - if I were selling them myself I'd be inclined to stick to Sarthois producers as otherwise it's a bit like calling Saumur Champagne!

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Hi Ian,

I can do all you want apart from the sealed jars, it would definatley be small scale it's made in my kitchen NO artificial additives or preservatives and my french friends and neighbours will tell you whether delicious or not, same as my onion marmalade, as for shelf life I can only say I found a jar of the onion marmalade that was at the back of the cupboard that was 2 years old and still fine and delicious, sadly for you I'm too small scale and I doubt if I comply with EU reg's.

I wish you luck with your search, I'm sure you will find someone in the Le Mans area as suggested.

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Hi Fridgeman,

The Rillettes sound great, but as you mentioned we have to comply with the good old EU regs and things like this need to carry the oblong "health" mark, which costs money for you to get. So, you're correct we'll need to try Le Mans or somwhere.

Thanks so much for the response, but i'm afraid the search continues ...........................

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I have a funny feeling that I might have seen Rillettes in jars in the little local produce store at Eurotunnel Calais, come to think of it.  I can't remember what they're called.

There's also a company which sells a lot of regional produce and other things in cream and brown packaging in most supermarkets. 

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