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What am i making ?


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Two weeks ago my french farming friend ,Got me to collect exactually 50 green walnuts ,He then smashed them to pulp and put them in a old pot, he then added 1litre of homemade prune and 5litres of red wine,put said container in barn,Yesterday he arrived with one vanilla pod, five cloves ,and one nutmeg, into the pot they went,I keep asking what we are making ,but all i get is a smile and he says christmas.So come you drinkers what is it. 
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[quote user="Scooby"]I thought NH's estimate was a bit out - friends of ours make it and it's usually ready in months not years...a bit like sloe gin.


You could well be right..It's just that the last one I tasted had been made by someone about 15 years ago...who is now dead.

I hope there is no connection!

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