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Wholemeal Flour


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Flour is flour, if you buy something that is pure flour then you can use it for cooking. Sometimes wholemeal is a bit rough and IF I was going to use it in any other cooking then I would proably put it in my blender and make a fine flour out of it.

I have ground oats in my blender and made oat flour and used that in a variety of things.
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Try out different flours for different things, it's up to personal taste really.

I buy imported wholemeal flour - you don't seem to be able to get an equivalent here. I use it for bread, biscuits, pancakes, fruit crumble etc.

 But I wouldn't use it for thickening a sauce or making a sponge cake.

If you have a flour mill near you try their farine complète which should be a brownish colour but quite fine, so you can use it for most things.

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