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Looking for restaurant Confolons - Oradour


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We have eaten at a couple of the restaurants in Oradour Village. Both were good reasonable food.

We have also eaten at "La Vienne" in Confolens. The food is a varied mix of English, French, Indian, Italian etc etc

The food was good at lunch time and reasonably priced. The best thing is the Terrace Garden........................lovely setting overlooking the river......very nice.

Hope you find somewhere nice.

Best wishes Mel.
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[quote user="betoulle"]not at lunchtime - they have a selection of formules starting at 10,90 euros.....& a lovely setting.[/quote]

Not any more :-(  I seem to remember the reduction was done last summer to try and boost trade. The cheapest menu is now 13.90€ (not too much of an increase though) and the next 26€. (Just went and checked as I only live 5mins away)

I agree the parc is very nice though.........:-)

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[quote user="Joe"]Went to Oradour a while ago and found it a very moving experience indeed.I did not see all the village.I had to leave.

I haven't been back since a school trip the better part of 40 years ago.  The impression it made on me that day has stayed with me ever since........[:(]

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Oradour was every bit as poignant as it was before........glad to have revisited, as my wife and friends had never been before.  I'll always recommend it as somewhere to be seen, I don't think we'll be going back ourselves........

As to the food side of things, which was the original purpose of the post, we settled on the Lauryvan and, as there was a special occasion inolved, ate in the restaurant rather than the auberge.  Lovely location and splendid attentive service.  Food was very good, but our feeling this morning is that, for a gastro restaurant, it didn't quite hit the heights.

Thanks for all of the contributions.........[:D]

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