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Restaurant in Nîmes hands back its Michelin star to make a profit


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[quote user="NormanH"]
Perhaps now it will be worth a visit Gardian?

You're right Norman.

Quite frankly though, we've not been to Nimes for a year or so. Perhaps this (and I'll show it to her) will prompt Mrs G to take me out for a nice lunch, maybe as a "You need to tell me what you want for your birthday" (which was last week!!)

These very very haute cuisine places are dinosaur-ish these days. I detect an increasing move towards good quality €20 - €30 menu restaurants where you can get really good value for money.

There's an hotel not very far from here which is completely dead: room prices (from) €225, menus (from) €60-ish. Madness. 

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