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jam jars


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The second batch of fig jam was bottled in a mix of recycled jars. The pics/designs on the lids suggest

2 x Aldi grilled red peppers

1 x sweet/sour gherkins

1 x Bonne Maman giant jam jar

Not as sweet as the first lot - probably because I reduced the sugar content to 1:3.

sweets, I have a recipe for fig chutney somewhere but it is well hidden so suggest that you try Googling. There are still some unripe figs on the tree so I may well go into chutney mode in the next few days, failing which it will have to wait until 2nd crop in Sept/Oct.

Hopefully I will not have to buy any more jars for the foreseeable. For once my hoarding seems to be paying off.


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Thank you, Les.

I didn't need it in the end because I used screw-top jars and the lids went into the oven at the same time as the jars and got sterilised that way.

Haven't seen you here for a while.  Hope you are keeping OK?[:)]

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