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almond flour


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They have it in the Grand Frais or try where the moroccans shop.

When I saw it I thought surely it's just ground almonds.

It would seem that is exactly what it is.

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[quote user="jen"]I've several recipes which use almond flour, I have read it maybe called franginpane but can't find it on my local supermarket shelf.  Anyone know if it goes by a diferent name ?[/quote]

What you find in the shop under the name frangipane is usually a mix of ground almonds, sugar and various bits, which is used as a cake or tart filling.

For ground almonds, look for poudre d'amandes or amandes en poudre.

In supermarkets, you'll find them with the baking goods, usually in small bags (quite €€€) hanging near the flour display. .

They're also sometimes sold bigger bags (less €€) either near the fruit/veg display, near the dried beans and lentils or in the exotic display, where they sell products from North Africa.

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