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Crozets - probably one for you, idun!


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I bought a packet of Crozets de Savoie recently, remembering a dear - now, sadly gone - French friend making a tasty dish with them.

For those who have not encountered them, crozets are tiny little pasta squares, made I think of buckwheat. I am hoping idun - or someone - can suggest an interesting way to serve them.

Merci d'avance!
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I only serve them one way, because me and my sons love them, but husband does not, so not worth trying different recipes.

Boil the crozet in salted water until tender.

Drain and put in a gratin dish, cover in fresh cream and I stir a little grated comte or emmantael, and cover the top in the same grated cheese and put in a medium oven until bubbling and browned/golden[:)].

miam, miam.

I know that there are other recipes and I am sure I would like them too, but this is what I do as I have them so rarely.

The do the usual ones, and also mushroom ones, which I love and gratin in the same way.

I serve with something like chops.

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I've never cooked crozets or quenelles, but had a look on my favourite french cookery website, 750g.
Lots of suggestions there:
I've never heard of crozets, I thought quenelles were basically mashed potato and egg, fried in large spoonfuls?

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The crozet boxes usually indicated that they are from the Savoy region, and I think they were made locally, at least they used to be.

I suppose a bit like a firmer pasta especially the ones au sarrasin. I really do like them, not all the time, but for ringing in the changes, very nice.

And quenelles, well, all too often, the recipes seemed to be like a choux pastry mix and not nice when simmered. I HATE wasting food and that is exactly what 'rubbish' recipes do, end up being 'waste'.

Maybe some  people like stodgy lumps of eggy bechamel, like some people like the bottom of a yorkshire pudding to be a thick stodgy blob, that feels undercooked, but I would never serve the likes of that to anyone.EDIT Must, add if folk like that sort of stuff they can serve it chez eux and never to me[Www]

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Yum, those ideas sound great idun; thank you so much!

Sorry not to have replied sooner; was reading replies on another computer, and not logged in to reply.

Quenelles; now there’s another thing... I made them once from scratch. Won’t bother again.
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