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That is where I usually get my yeast from, but last time I asked, which, I admit was a few weeks ago, they had no spare at all.

I have never managed to revive that last bit of yeast. As I find that when it has gone rubbery rather than crumbly, the bread is not that good.

Unless you could try  making a sour dough base, I cannot think of a good way to do it and get good bread.

Let us know if you manage, I would be interested to hear.

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Big slab little cubes, fresh yeast, lovely fresh yeast is crumbly. If it is older it feels more like plasterscene and I have found that bread was not  good with it. I don't think it is just my imagination, as I am my own worst critic.

this link should be live, there are some lovely photos of fresh yeast how it should be. It simply does not pull apart like that when it is well past it's best and I think rubbery describes it fairly well.

IF you can find something, as I cannot, and it works, I would still be interested.

Incidentally, my husband makes sour dough bread, it is good bread, just not to my taste. I am not keen on many things that have that acidity/sourness to them.

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In my youth, dad and I made lots of home made beer. After "fining" and bottling the clear beer, masses of thick yeast was left at the bottom of the 5 gallon barrel. The next lot of wort was simply poured on top and off we went again. So if you started home brewing, you can use the yeast at the bottom of the barrel to make bread. It does not rise as much as bread yeast, but hopefully drinking the home brew will take your mind of it!

If you are skilled, you could turn the rest of the yeast into Marmite - a win win situation. Marmite on home made buttered toast washed down with home made beer, food of the gods.
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I have made a lot of things that I don't like, but Marmite, would be a step too far for me.

Husband loves it, I hate it.

We can agree about home made bread, toasted with  butter, scrumptious, home made beer, not with toast, although I don't mind the odd half every few months[:D]

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