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Malt vinegar

Graham & Brenda

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I never found it whilst I lived there. There was never anything I found that was the same. I do know a french lady who brings it back from England when she visits.

I never found that I 'needed' it, so curious, why malt vinegar, what exactly do you use it for?

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 I cannot remember the last time I had pilchards, I know OH had sardines on toast about five odd years ago, so not part of our

regular diet.

Yes, I agree that malt vinegar is good, but as with long life milk, I adjusted to different tastes.

Also when we moved to France there were no choices, no british food at all where I lived intially, it was quite a big city.  I bought what was available in the shops, and made a lot of stuff from scratch which I had never done before. But not malt vinegar.

Does this live link help:

I would imagine that you have at least one neighbour with a mere de vinaigre. I was often offered one, but never felt the need to have one.

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Well, if you end up making good malt vinegar, and in quantity, you could offer it to your french friends and neighbours.

As I said, we know a french lady who loves the stuff, so some do, in fact some french people even put vinegar on their chips.

And frankly IF I have no other vinegar in the house, I use it in my vinaigrette sauces,  it changes the taste a little, but still very very nice on salads.

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