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french sausages


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There are lots of varieties of french sausages, from Diots in the Alpes, to

andouillettes and merguez, which are so popular on BBQ's.

What are your favourites?

And do you have regional specialities too?

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I do not like a single one of them, if that is all I am offered will manage to eat a little, but not andouillette............... beurk!

I don't mind saussise de strasbourg with a choucroute, every ten or so years

I am as fussy with sausages in England. I do not like these butchers sausages full of meat and/or herbs etc either.

Usually you could not get a fussier shopper than me, looking for quality, but I simply love some terrible things like the cheapest of cheddars and  a very basic banger..........who knows what is in a basic banger, I don't need to know, I just really enjoy them.

I would never serve 'my' cheddar to guests and make sure  I buy excellent cheeses for turophiles, and I am very good at choosing, I just do not eat them and would often prefer not to smell them either.[Www]

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And there is nothing wrong with that.

Pork scratchings are very popular with some............. and crackling on a joint of pork, well, I know lots of people who LOVE that.

As I was never able to buy pork joints with the skin on, I got out of the habit of making crackling and now these old teeth are no longer up to eating it.[:D]


Never even thought of buying a pork joint with the skin in France and in fact I like to sprinkle herbes de provence on the fat of a pork joint as I put it in the oven.

The only herbes de provence with the 'right' taste in England is Schwartz, they put sarriette in, no idea if that makes the difference, but it does taste just right!

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