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Beautiful leather bound French books


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Advice needed please.

My late French husband and his family had a large library of leather bound French books on all subjects.

I am having to downsize and no longer will have the space to keep them, likewise my daughter.

I consulted a local antique bookseller who purchased 5 of the books and was not very helpful re what I should do with the rest, a friend suggested an auction. 

The leather bindings vary in colouring - red, gold, green, blue and the subjects are very varied - entomology, zoology, theatre, archaeology, telephone, electricity, history, etc etc.   Also classics -  Balzac, Sands etc .

Having lived with them for the last 50 years I am naturally very loath to part with them but needs must.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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eBay France has thousands of old books listed, so seems to be a popular market for these. Prospective buyers can search by many criteria, so an accurate description is very important, making use of all the characters available for both a title and a sub title for the item.


I have sold quite a few english language books, by auction, on eBay, and always list in the USA as well as in the UK, as I have had more American than English buyers for older books, as well as other old items, and it only costs a little extra.

In the case of french language books it might be worth listing on eBay Canada as well as France, not forgetting to quote appropriate postage and packing cost.

If you have an idea of the value - you might find some by searching on the link above - you can set a realistic starting and/or a reserve price, otherwise you can just let them "find their own price" by setting a low starting price, or using the small ads format (petites annonces).

Le Bon Coin lists nearly 40,000 books if one searches using keyword "ancien", so is another possibility.




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