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Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy and Birth


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Dear all,

I need some information,

I am going to move to France (Limoges city) for study in late October or early November. I'm at the age of 34. I have

at the moment a student visa. I'm married. My pregnant wife has a Visitour Visa,

she is 25 years old. Both of us are Iranians.We are expecting our fist

baby in late November. Till that time, I DO NOT think we can take the

French Residence permit, because the formalities might take some time.

Could you please let me know whether any insurance company can cover

us (My wife, me, the baby delivery and the baby)?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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I honestly do not know (and it sounds from the lack of response that few others on here do either!)  However, our website (below) gives a list of insurers - the only suggestion I have is that you contact some of them to see.  Sorry to be so unhelpful.  Good luck to the three of you though.[:)]
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