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Wedding help please!

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We live near Civray in the South Vienne and my daughter is going to get married from our house next May.  They will get married officially in England but we would like to have a service here in our home village church and have the reception in the garden.  We have our own minister but I have been given a list of other things to sort out!! Maybe someone out there has had to arrange a similar event so any advice gratefully received on the following:

1.   Where we can hire a marquee with a dancing floor

2.   Caterers who would be happy to do a hog roast as well as all the rest of the food

3.  We have access to benches but will need to hire chairs 

4.   A white/cream Deux Chevaux.

5.   A caller for country dancing in the afternoon

6.   A band who may be able to do both country dancing in the afternoon and disco for the evening

7.   Are portaloos easy to hire?

8.   Flower market for fresh flowers or do people use flower shops 

and lastly

9.   How to get people home to their B & Bs, I thought maybe we could hire a bus as I don't think a taxi service would be happy to go out on a Sunday evening

Thanks you everyone.  I know we have a year and our neighbours think we are mad to be thinking about things this early but no one seems to know the answer to my questions!!

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Thanks Val - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and support. Considering I am a nurse manager and used to organising things for some reason I seemed to be going around in circles on this one so you have definitely got me out of the bit and reasured that these things exist in France!! 

Re the minister we have our own and I have already checked with the local Father and also written to confirm the date etc.  He seemed very happy that the church was being used and said he had had another English family do the same last year.


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