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Renewal of vows


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[quote user="newbiee"]


My mother's brother had a humanist wedding about 12 years ago ... it was the  nicest wedding ceremony I've ever seen (apart from my own of course!)  I think it's lovely when those getting married write their own vows and promises, rather than just following what others have said before them just for the sake of it.




Hi Newbiee,

I know several lay clergy who will do the ceremony for you. I work very closely with a wedding planner and nearly all the couples have a civil ceremony in their home country (usually UK) and then come out here to have their wedding - they all use the people I know to effectively bless the marriage and the couples write their own vows and what they want to say to each other - I guess that is a humanist ceremony? Anyway, if you'd like me to put you in touch with someone then just me know and I'll pass over the details.

Just out of interest where are you in France? I ask because if you're not in Aquitaine then the lady I put you in touch with will probably refer you on to one of her colleagues.

Hear from you



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Just to repeat that I'm not a Christian (some mayn't have read my first posts).... thanks anyway (including Mooky).

Luckily I have a Plan B AND a Plan C .... so I'm sure one of them will come into fruitian ... that's the  advantage of being flexible.  [:)]


I love hearing about other people's weddings and renewals. [:D]

Did anybody have a disaster of a wedding day (in terms of details and things going wrong) ... but can laugh about it now and relish the knowledge that you married the right person, which is all that counts in the long run.

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