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Book about SOE in Carcassonne area


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Apparently there is a new book out, written by a woman, about the SOE in the Carcassonne area during WWII.  The author was interviewed on UK breakfast-ish television recently and OH was interested, so I thought I'd get it as a pressie.  But I didn't see the interview.  Anyone got any ideas what it is called?

Chrissie (81)

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Did anyone see "Les femmes de l'ombre" recently on TF1, may have got the name slightly wrong and the channel, I only saw the end of it but was kicking myself as it looked to be a really good film about the sacrifices made by the women and men in the resistance movement.

Sophie Marceau was the leading lady or one of them, when i saw her she was being beaten and tortured so not at all glammed up, underneath the pitifull exterior I could see that there was a beautifull woman but it was only at the end when they showed her after the war I realised it was her.

If anyone knows of a rediffusion of this film please let me know.

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Looks like this one

Sorry I can't help with a date when it will be shown again, but I also enjoyed le Silence de la Mer, which is not an action film at all, but is about the relations between a French family and the German officer billeted on them in 1941.

It can be watched in short clips on you tube (irritating since you have to keep restarting just as you were getting involved)

This is not the famous original b/w version, which I have on disc ,  but a remake for TV


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Unsure about the the book youre sourcing but if your OH is interested in the rural resistance in Southern France 1942-1944, i can recommend "In search of the Marquis" by H.R. Kedward a little bit hard going at times but very well documented but also very moving.

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Some of you may have heard about 624 Squadron because they supplied the resistance in France along with 161 Squadron, their website can be found using the following link (there is a pause button for the music on the site) http://www.624squadron.org/

Some of you may have heard a name, Jean Moulin, who was supplied by the above Squadron during his life in the resistance. Well there will be a couple of events in the UK this year co run by two groups, one of which is the 624 Squadron society.

There will be a set of talks by Prof Julian Jackson, Matthew Cobb and Prof Rod Kedward about Jean Moulin. It will be introduced by Dr Hugo Frey and held in Chichester on Sunday 24th February.

In the evening there will be reunion dinner for the surviving SOE veterans in the Ship Hotel (hopefully) Chichester. This is normally held at RAF Tangmere where many SOE agents started their 'great adventure'.

If anyone is interested in attending, places will be limited, then contact me using the Email button (not the PM one) so I can forward on the email and associated application form.

The daytime event will be £40 per person and includes lunch. I don't have a price yet for the reunion because it depends on the numbers.

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