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Nook (not nookie) anyone?


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Have had two Kindles and been happy with them. However I found that the winter afternoons made getting the light in the right place difficult. Rather than an exterior lamp or shelling out over 100 for the paperlight, I bought a Nook glowlight for £49 on line from John Lewis in the UK and a friend collected it and posted it to me. The light is really quite good and works well in the lounge or in bed. Same system for loading books via Calibre as the Kindle. 2 year guarantee. I believe they were more expensive but Barnes and Noble are getting out of E readers. Could not find it for sale in France or Germany. Good stocking filler?
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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

I was told (and you might want to check) that you can only download books from B&N Europe which is quite restricted and you cannot download from B&N USA if you are not in the Americas.

This may or may not be a disadvantage to you

(I too use a little light with my Kindle)


No idea who told you this but it is rubbish. We have a Nook and there are any number of places to buy/download ebooks.

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As the OP mentioned, anyone who has any form of e-reader can use a program called  calibre  which can convert any book from any format to any other format, and with the right plugins, remove the DRM so that the e-book you have bought can be read on any device that YOU and not the device manufacturer, chooses.

It has always annoyed me that Amazon, B&N etc lock you into their device only, with Calibre, the choice is yours.

Calibre will also search for books for you, and news and magazines. Very nice piece of kit, and totally free, unless you want to contribute to them of course.

Usual disclaimer about not being personally connected to Calibre etc., other than as a very satisfied user.

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