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Getting a Bike from the UK to SW France


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Looking for suggestions on the best way to move an old bike from the UK (Bristol) to near Toulouse, its a 1959 Triton so riding it down, while not out of the question, is going to be hard going.

Anyone coming from SW UK to anywhere in France with a van?

Anyone put a bike on the SNCF in France?

Any other suggestions most welcome... I want my bike!!

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As nobody else has had a go. Cheap or neighbours trailor up to Roscoff and leave it parked at the hotel. Tuesday afternoon to Plymouth and walk round boat with helmet in hand  and a placard saying ' Give Us a Lift to Bristol '  take next week  ( aka six days ) riding gently down to Plymouth. stay night on in Roscof where you left tow car and trailor  drive gently home.

Do not sit next to anybody who looks green in cinema on board  particularly if movie is "Pirates of the Carabien II"

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As an ex Triton owner


There is NO WAY, I'd think of riding one that distance!!!

We travel down everythree weeks, to the south west (near Bergerac) but sadly not in a van. I moved my Ducati Paso, between the matresses when we moved, and lost one indicator. A friend of mine used the train, and they ruined his wheels (they did give him 1500 euros compensation, but..) I think the best way is contacting James trailers, they hire a special bike trailer, but of course that means bringing it back, unless you can hire one in France.

Bottom line, sounds like a long and bum numbing ride, over a few days[:'(]

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Hi Mike I've just seen this post on another forum, Angloinfo Normandy section,it may help you.

· Space in car ·
adman25uk writes:
Posted: 10/09/2007 at 21:48

I am visiting parents this weekend and have an empty car, with a empty motorbike trailer on the back!!

If anyone would like something bringing over(legal) then give me a shout.

I am in portsmouth and traveling to Mortain area via Cherbourg.

Mortain (50)

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